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Featured Project

Wonderbooks for Save the Children

New Product Development for Save the Children – responding to a brief to create a commercial product that deeply engages new audiences with the cause and brand of the organisation. The solution is a children's book subscription to help parents in the UK engage their children in issues they see in the news and have great conversations about the issues children face around the world.

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Consider the full picture when understanding problems and crafting solutions.


Involve the right people and processes so that time or money aren't wasted.


Make decisions based on scientific evidence.


Leverage technology for success.

Design Sprint Facilitation

Develop ideas, launch exciting new products or improve existing ones in just 4 days. Shortcut months of work and expensive research and gain a clear way forward for your business with a Design Sprint.

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Side Project

Secret Santa App

  • Learning objectives:
  • Bit Bucket
  • Bootstrap

In an objective to learn about webapp frameworks from scratch to deployed, I undertook a side project to build a Secret Santa selection tool. A user sets up a group and adds their friends to it, the app then creates a random selection for each member of the group, ensuring no one is allocated twice and emails them with who their buying for. There's a few tweaks to finish before an attempt to get it online in time for Christmas 2019.

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Good Goods

A brand new fundraising mechanic for Save the Children, utilising the concept of social sales supported by a digital ecommerce platform. Volunteer sellers create a shop page and share it with their friends, who donate to support Save the Children's life-saving work and receive a desirable product in return, which in this instance are 'Waterless Bottles'.

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